A Diminishing Republic Ruled by way of Obama, or via Law?

If you were an American law enforcement officer, says a town police officer, sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and your State Constitution and to put into effect your State’s penal code. You knew of a conspiracy being hatched to rob a financial institution for your metropolis. Would you prepare to arrest the perpetrators before they robbed the financial institution and brought extreme harm to harmless human beings? Moreover, if you knew that the perpetrators had been recognized criminals with long rap sheets full of crimes and misdemeanors, would you attempt to act promptly to keep the crime from happening? Yet, what if your watch commander and even your police chief instructed you to stand down when you stated to them the incontrovertible records approximately the upcoming crime, when it was going to arise, how it’d occur, and the precise day and time? However, what if they instructed you that it did not remember and forget about approximately it?

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To solution those poignant questions, I will especially point to an editorial that appeared on the front page of August 2, 2014, version of the “Washington Post” entitled, “Obama readies government action on immigration.” This article, coming from about the maximum Marxist propagandizing newspaper in u. S . frivolously posted this excuse for journalism with the identical contempt for the U.S. Constitution as they did when they announced that the superb (illegal) bill, Obamacare, was at the President’s desk for signature. The article needs to have, as a substitute, be nicely entitled, “Obama plans excessive-crime to trouble the unlawful and unconstitutional executive order granting amnesty to similarly denigrating the U.S. Constitution. Why is this so?

Well, the most compelling cause is that executive orders aren’t referred to inside the U.S. Constitution. They are an abstruse creation of the U.S. Supreme Court. Article 2 does not, in any manner, supply the President authority to preserve the legislative, government, and judicial powers in one hand and a bull-whip within the different. The President, as chief government, has best the specific electricity to trouble directives, no longer laws, that affect most effective the working fame of the personnel of the executive branch. He has no electricity to unilaterally create a regulation (tantamount to a U.S. Statute or code), to define and interpret its criminal fame, and to put into effect it. That is the perfect definition of natural tyranny.

Remember the infamous govt order issued through the first real American Fuhrer, Franklin D. Roosevelt, whilst he ordered, in overdue 1941, that every one of the innocent Japanese-Americans is rounded up and imprisoned in internment camps? That order changed into later ruled unconstitutional via the U.S. Supreme Court because it should have been before it turned into an issue. That order turned into accountability for over a hundred deaths in those internment camps and ruined quite a few human lives. Something very awful after 1929 came about to the majority of the American people once they have been exposed to the severe adversity of a Depression intentionally engineered by way of the Federal Reserve in 1927.



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