Best Way to Visit Hanoi


The capital of Vietnam has been since the events of the 20th. The modern city is an exciting cauldron of many cultures, making it the most significant urban center of North Vietnam. That is why it attracts people from the region, which gives it a festive atmosphere. North Vietnam has a diverse cultural mix reflected in the capital. Hanoi tours are an excellent way to get to know this fantastic city. If you want to get to know this incredible city, here is some essential information to help you make the most of your time.

Documentation: Make sure you book your visa before traveling to the city. You can order a credit online and collect it upon arrival at the airport, but the professional “style” of the visa officers can mean you have to wait a long time. If you contact a local Vietnamese embassy or travel agent, they will help you organize your visa, so you don’t have to wait long to arrive on your Hanoi tour. The following are some of the Best Ways to Visit Hanoi and what you must do in this great city.

Means of transport in Hanoi:


There are numerous flights to the Vietnamese capital, and many international travelers are advised to travel from Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific Airline is one of the operators serving the route. Just like when traveling, they are buying tickets is worthwhile. You will likely find that prices are high when tickets sell out (usually around six months before the flight) and then go down steadily around three weeks before the flight.


Visitors say the taxi you experience on Hanoi tours is cheap and decent. The ride from the airport to the city should cost VND 350,000 in the region, while the city ride should cost around VND 30,000 for a 10-minute ride. It is always a good idea to ask your hotel staff which taxi companies are the most reputable and can usually book and dispatch on your behalf.


A much more affordable way to travel on Hanoi tours is a few key facts to keep in mind – buses won’t take your luggage unless you offer the driver a baggage fee. Another thing to remember when leaving the airport on the shuttle bus is the usual trick where the driver tells you that your hotel has been closed due to a storm, but you can stay “at her cousin’s hotel”. Make sure you outsmart the trick!

Some of the things to do in Hanoi

Bach Ma Temple and Temple of Literature

It is said that the Bach Ma (White Horse) Temple, built in 1010, is the oldest building in the city. It was built by the founder of the Lee Dynasty, Lee Thai Tom, who named it after the appearance of the white horse that showed the king where the temple was built. Inside the old wooden doors of the Bach Temple, there is a legendary white horse and a burial board. The temple of literature, dedicated to Confucius and his teachings, was built in 1070 and has been rebuilt and rebuilt several times since then. It was also the site of Vietnam’s oldest university, the Imperial Academy, where kingdoms, nobility, and members of the bureaucracy and elite studied. Although the academy has lost its advantage, the temple grounds are still as grand as before. Visit the Bach Temple and the Temple of Literature for temporary comfort and tranquility away from the busy streets.

St. Joseph Church

Yes, the Roman Catholic Church is in the heart of Vietnam. It was built about 120 years ago when the French conquered Hanoi. Although the Cathedral of St. Joseph matches the Gothic design of the Paris Cathedral, it is Vietnamese. Its exterior may be western, but its interior is decorated in Vietnamese yellow and red. The area around the temple is now popular with tourists and locals and is usually crowded on weekends.

Celebrate Vietnamese dishes

Eating out in Hanoi is a gastronomic adventure. Spring rolls and pho are some of the most famous Vietnamese dishes tourists can enjoy while in Hanoi.

Cruise to Halong Bay

Halong Bay is usually the main point of a tourist trip to Hanoi. Halong Bay is a resting place just a few hours’ drive from Hanoi with its limestone cliffs and deep blue and green waters. It is best to relax and spend the night in a junk boat while visiting the various attractions of Halong Bay, which include Buts Cave. Part of the regular route also includes kayaking at a floating fishing village.

Wander the old neighborhoods.

The old neighborhoods are active daily. Traditional shops, small streets, and people riding motorbikes are typical of conventional Vietnam and can be found in the old quarters. You can rent a tuxedo to bring you. Walking as an alternative makes it possible to absorb the unique Vietnamese culture and environment better.

Watch the traditional water puppet show.

At the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, puppet spectators entertain the audience using puppets that move around the waist in a deep water pool. This ancient form of entertainment, which has its roots in the eleventh century, has proven to amuse and astonish its viewers, young and old.

Pilgrimage to the Perfume Pagoda

Every New Year, thousands upon thousands of locals travel for pilgrimage to the perfume pagoda. During a rare period, this place is a must-visit for tourists. Tourists go on traditional metal boats and take a cruise along the river. After crossing the river, you can choose a ropeway or hike up to 4 km to reach the Perfume Pagoda. The views from the top are excellent, and the locals believe that pagoda wishes will surely come true in your life.

Bottom line

Together, all of these attractions contribute to the thriving tourism of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Of course, after a day of sightseeing, you are tired and need rest. Don’t worry, as there are several hotels in the Old Quarter, including the Hanoi Rose Hotel, where you can relax and unwind for another round of Hanoi attractions.


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