Blanca Clemente


Who doesn’t know the Professor in Money heist? Professor Sergio Marquina the mastermind behind the greatest heist in history.

In that fictitious drama series, a team of 8 people under the Professor conduct an 11-day heist.

The role of the professor, who is the mastermind behind the heist, is played by Alvaro Morte.

Read further to know more about the real wife of El Professor of Money Heist, Blanca Clemente.

Blanca Clemente

Who is Blanca?

Blanca Clemente is a 44-year-old Spanish producer and designer stylist. She is famous as the wife of the actor who played El professor in the Money heist series.

They have two children, non-identical twins. They are steadfast in not revealing their private life to the media.

Apart from costume designing, she is an expert in food and silverware designing. She earns a decent income with her design skills, and she also makes a reasonable sum of money by modelling.

She would be around 5 feet 7 inches and might weigh 60 kg, and has a pair of beautiful hazel eyes.

More on Blanca’s Profession

Blanca and Alvaro started a theatre company called 300 Pistolas in 2012. It is in Madrid, Spain, and the Morte family currently resides in the capital of Spain, taking care of the company.

Blanca as a stylist, has competed in different fashion competitions, which has earned her work a good recognition.

As a stylist, she has a wonderful reputation in the industry, but still, she chooses to keep her private life hidden from the eyes of the public.

All the costumes she designs express a heightened level of originality and uniqueness.

She is skilled in making diverse designs suitable for the modern era.

Her love story with El professor

This might be shocking, but Alvaro was working as a professor in Finland before entering the acting profession.

From an engineering student to becoming a professor to being a cancer survivor and then acting as a professor, this man has an inspiring journey.

Somewhere between his journey from a real-life professor to reel life, El Professor, Blanca Clemente makes an entry.

She made his life more beautiful by giving birth to two beautiful children.

However, how love blossomed between them is unknown, and they are sure not to share it.

But still, like how water seeps through rock, there is news on how they started dating.

They got to know each other on a film set, and soon the ‘just friends’ became dating partners and finally married each other in a private wedding ceremony.

Blanca prefers to keep her life away from the reach of the media and the paparazzi. Even her Instagram handle is private.

She sometimes joins Alvaro for events like film premieres and interviews.

Together they give their best to the happy functioning of the Morte family, and they also own a theatre company. They founded 300 Pistolas in 2012.

Alvaro’s Acting Career

Alvaro has been in the acting field since 2002. He has acted in many TV series, including Hospital Central and Planta 25.

After spending a not-so-remarkable life for a few years in the entertainment industry, he was diagnosed with a tumour in one of his legs.

There was a period when the doctors advised him to amputate his leg. Somehow, things resolved in a few years, and he was good enough to act again.

This time his performances gained him more fame than ever.

Money Heist and its effects on the Morte family

Money heist is a fictitious drama series where an 8-member team is led by a professor who uses them to accomplish the biggest heist in history, which lasts for 11 days.

This was originally a Spanish drama, but it found audiences worldwide.

It has an IMDB rating of 8/10, making it the first of its kind to have such a rating.

The series was dubbed in various languages worldwide, and people found it fascinating.

The acting of El Professor is celebrated worldwide.

With social media as a tool for connecting with people across the globe, many of the world’s population started following Alvaro Morte.

Being El Professor’s real wife, Blanca Clemente was also most searched.

People became very interested in knowing the personal life of the mastermind of the 11-day money heist.

Afraid of social media conflicts, Blanca decided to keep all her social media handles private.

A big NO to spotlight

Both Blanca and Alvaro Morte are firm that their private life should not gain the spotlight again.

Their marriage, the birth of their children, everything is a well-guarded secret. They do not even post pictures of their children often.

Alvaro Morte has posted very few pictures of their family, and even in them, the kids’ photos are not clear. He posted a picture with his son on Father’s Day on Instagram.

Both the parents are loving and are very much concerned. They choose to not reveal any personal detail about their children except for their names.

Blanca remains active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

But she maintains them as private profiles to escape the spotlight the El Professor role has cast on the Morte family.

Net worth

Blanca, with all her design work and modelling work, owns a net worth of 250 thousand USD. While her husband, with all his fame and years of an acting career, owns a net worth of 4 million USD.


The well-known and celebrated stylist chooses her personal life to be highly private.

There are no available details on her parents, siblings, children etc. As a stylist, she expresses excellent design skills and talents, and she is celebrated for it.

El Professor’s fans heartily accept her choice to keep her life private, and they do not expect more than incredible work from both her husband and her.

As a result of Money Heist’s success, not just people involved in the series but also people related to the actors of the series are blessed with fame.

Blanca Clemente is one such person who has become the recipient of the public’s attention.


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