Blogger Vs WordPress – What’s Right For You?

Which blogging platform must I pick?

It may be a frightening project when it involves selecting a platform for your new commercial enterprise blog. Many choices are available, all of which have various plus and minus factors. Two of the most popular selections are Blogger and WordPress. I will help you determine the proper platform for your commercial enterprise weblog in this newsletter. Before we try this, let me provide background facts on each Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger vs. WordPress - Expert Review (Which One Is Best?)

Blogger launched on May 9, 1999, utilizing a small corporation called Pyra Labs. It was one of the earliest gear committed to online publishing or running a blog at the time. However, in 2003, the organization Pyra Labs was bought by Google, and over the subsequent years, the platform migrated solely to Google-owned and operated equipment. As it stands, Blogger is one of the most notably trafficked domains internationally.

WordPress commenced in 2003 with the original goal of improving typography determined in ordinary internet writing. At the time, little did they recognize that WordPress could become the single biggest self-hosted blogging/self-publishing environment globally. Millions of sites use the WordPress engine to electricity their blogs and websites internationally. Okay, so that is the history of Blogger and WordPress. So, which one is right in your commercial enterprise weblog?

How does a good deal value?

I am going first of all the economic components as that is something that most companies are involved with. The correct news is that both Blogger and WordPress are absolutely loose. You do not need to shop for a license to use them or pay any ongoing subscription costs. However, WordPress is available in forms. Hosted and self-hosted. Hosted is self-explanatory in that your weblog could be hosted on WordPress servers; however, with Self-hosted WordPress, you may want to purchase an internet website hosting package deal to host your weblog. Blogger but is hosted and does not provide a self-hosted choice. For the rest of this newsletter, I can be regarding the self-hosted version of WordPress. So, in summary, if you are on a tight economic budget, Blogger is the less expensive option.

Can I use my Domain call with this equipment?

In quick, yes, you could. WordPress, as its host on your web hosting, will give you complete manipulation over the area name addressing. Blogger can even allow you to point your area at your Blogger. Still, all your content material will be hosted on the Blogger servers, requiring a little technical understanding of how to get set up.

Can I personalize my blog?

WordPress will assist you in customizing the look and sense of your blog. Many WordPress themes are with HTML and CSS; you may create a custom subject matter that suits your business internet site; you could lease an internet designer to design a custom topic. Blogger does have a few templates available. However, those may be pretty restricted, and as it’s hosted, you’ll no longer be capable of completely integrating the site into your commercial enterprise website.

Do I have to manipulate my content?

With WordPress, most definitely. As the website is to your net hosting, you can again up and thoroughly store your content material should trouble ever strike. You may also be capable of manipulating what content goes onto your website. If you select to apply Blogger, you must be conscious that your content material is saved on servers owned by Google, and you’ve very little control over what happens to it. This may not be a massive trouble. However, it would help to remember it when making your preference.


In summary, each Blogger and WordPress are ideally fitted to an enterprise blog, albeit with a few boundaries. If you want a short and smooth blog platform that is all controlled, youu Blogger could be the choice; however, do remember the management you are relinquishing. If you want a blog that you have complete control over and access to all of the customization tools, then I could propose that you run a blog with WordPress. Simon Bunker is the proprietor of the Technology Consulting company Samba Consulting [http://www.Sambaconsulting.Com].

Samba Consulting provides era consulting offerings, especially tailor-made to the small commercial enterprise owner. The services provided through Samba Consulting include Blogging, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, and all things online. If you are a small enterprise owner or new to strolling an enterprise and want unbiased advice on quality generation to apply tto your business, please visit the Samba Consulting website.



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