The industry for energy drinks has been expanding in the last two decades. Bang energy has been a turning point for this particular industry because of its Unique Selling Proposition which is its nutritional benefits. 

Bang is an energy drink trademark whose holding company is Vital Pharmaceuticals which is located in Florida and was invented by Jack Owoc in 1993. So the CEO of Bang Energy and the owner of Bang Energy is Jack Owoc. As analyzed from the last two to three years, Bang Energy is considered the 3rd excessive selling brand of energy drink after Red Bull and Monster in the United States of America.

Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc: Company “Not For Sale,” Pepsi Planned to “Destroy” Brand -



The Bang energy drink owner, Jack Owoc, was born on 15th June 1961 in the United States of America into a business family. He got his graduation certificate from Florida Atlantic University. Jack started off his career by instructing high school pupils in science. He would engage in classes in six different areas of science. He also worked as an English tutor. And for nine years straight, he served as a member of the Internal Suspension Program. 


The Bang Energy CEO is married to his beloved partner, Meg Liz Owoc. And they have currently been living happily and looking forward to a great future together in Florida, USA, in their luxurious six-bedroom mansion. The wife of the CEO of Bang Energy is the Senior Director of the marketing group-four co at Bang Energy. 

Meg Liz Swim & Sportswear is her own line of clothing. She is the business’s vice president of marketing and design and the driving force behind the company’s tremendous success. We can indeed say that the couples had set major couple goals. The couple together has four daughters and a son. 


The Bang Energy founder established Vital Pharmaceuticals, INC (VPX) in 1993 when he was 38 years old. Together with Bang Energy, the business once produced VPX Redline, some other energy beverage designed to promote weight reduction. But eventually, it was called to a halt after the successful outcome of Bang Energy. 

The motive of their company was – “To design products for sports that are secure and supported by science. They took the oath that delivers super-premium quality sports and performance nutrition products backed by evidence-based scientific research.” 

The Bang Energy CEO held a vision to handle the company as a pharmaceutical firm, making his brand stand out and holding a unique selling proposition in the market. The fact that makes it further surprising is that the CEO of Bang Energy – Jack Owoc himself, is responsible for checking the quality of the products in his firm as the Chief Scientific Officer.

It produces a variety of beverages with and without caffeine, pre- and post-exercise supplements, fat reduction, vitamins, and other supplements. They also sell footwear and exercise outfits, and other different accessories.  


The estimated value of the bang energy drink CEO, Jack Owoc’s net worth, is approximately $1 million. This sum is made up of his possessions, cash, and earnings. His work as a corporate executive is his primary source of income.


Throughout his time as a high school teacher, Jack – bang drink CEO would establish whole food culinary practices. Additionally, he integrated these tactics with diverse workout routines for both sexes to enable them to achieve their peak fitness goals. Several of his customers benefited from his supplements more than any coach or dietary expert. Jack- owner of bang energy, was having a great time since he had science and vitamins on his side. He carefully studied any alterations made to the nutrient patterns of his customers.

Everything was going well until the customer failed to shed any fat percentage after a month. All of Jack’s customers had previously adhered to a rigorous exercise regimen as well as a committed whole-food nutraceutical and diet plan. This is why their unexpected pause in advancement was unexpected. The founder of Jack, the bang energy drink, identified the parameters and insisted on solid scientific standards. It was discovered that the clientele who were not shedding any weight had switched to their egg feed supplements.

Jack, the bang energy owner, submitted the new egg protein booster to the lab for analysis since he had his doubts. The outcomes were shocking as it had around 90 percent Maltodextrin. in addition to ash and other mixtures. In addition, no proteins were found in it.

Jack – the owner of bang energy drink, quickly saw the significant disparity in the supplement sector as a result of these consecutive instances. He, therefore, decided to take this all on himself first to make the journalists aware of the deceit and immorality of these corporations. When these businesses failed, Jack, the CEO of bang energy drink, made the decision to invent and produce natural remedies on his own. At that time, he had the idea to create an achievement nourishment business that would innovate in terms of integrity.

Additionally, Jack has ensured that all of the product’s input materials are thoroughly examined in labs for optimal effectiveness. Jack’s firm became one of the world’s most well-known dietary firms due to his tenacity in growing it. In 2011, his business released Bang, a fizzy energy drink with reduced sugar. After a while, the brand gained enormous popularity, with Bang becoming among the five most important best-selling goods in the US.


Q1. What are the religious beliefs of Jack Owoc?

Ans. Jack Owoc – the bang energy drink owner, is of White ancestor origin and believes in Christianity. But it’s also assumed that he has Polish ancestry.

Q2. Who are the parents of the CEO of Bang Energy?

Ans. The owner of Bang Energy was born in Florida, USA. But there is a lack of information about his parents.

Q3. What was Jack Owoc doing prior to discovering Bang Energy?

Ans. Before establishing Vital Pharmaceuticals, Jack was a high school educator. He formerly taught English and six various different science areas. He also spent approximately ten years as a participant in the Internal Suspension Program. He simultaneously offered training plans and whole nutrient-dense diet recommendations to a range of clientele. He learned about the pharmaceutical corporation’s fraud during this period and made the decision to create his own morally sound company.


The CEO of Bang Energy is a genuine entrepreneur because of his tireless efforts to bring transparency to the dietary supplement market and supply pure, scientific goods. Although he began his career as a school professor in a high school, his dedication to scientific research and health as a consultant has exposed him to the field. He was able to transform his interest into a business because of his burning desire to end inconsistencies in the dietary and supplemental sectors. 

Because of this, organizations like Bang Energy and Vital Pharmaceuticals currently exist in this fast-going world. Aspiring business people should look up to him for his ideas and economic success since he is an excellent source of inspiration. He strives to inspire the next generation and is also a social media influencer with a million followers.


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