How to Make Non-Blogger Templates Work at Blogspot

There are many properly-designed and professional searching templates to be had for Google Blogger, all very tempting for the regular blogger to import. Most of these are examined for Blogger and paintings exceptional, but Google has made the importation of those an every so often buggy and extra tedious method than it was once. Here are a dozen easy steps to make these other templates work at the same time as backing up your modern blogsite.

1. To alternate to a brand new template, you should first have the new one downloaded onto your nearby laptop, and it’ll usually be in XML layout, but once in a while is definitely in a TXT file.

2. After logging in at Blogger, pick Customize your weblog.

Three. First backup the prevailing template: pick out Layout, Edit HTML and Download Template. Change the call to some thing you recognize, like ‘Temp-MyBlog-010309’, then keep it. This takes a few seconds, the report can be small, typically 50-100k. This will now not shop the posts, that’s next.

Four. Next, backup your posts. You won’t reload them, it’s just an excellent concept to back them up before foremost changes. Select Settings, then Export Blog (the Basic tab). This exports the posts themselves. Again shop the file as something you bear in mind, like ‘Exp-MyBlog-010309’.

Five. You want to lower back up or reproduction each of your widgets, the HTML code. Make positive you use a text editor like Notepad. I put them all in one report with labels for every and a separator line, which makes it clean to replicate them again into the brand new template. Unfortunately, copy and paste is the simplest method you could use right here, one after the other, so it could be tedious with a crowded interface with lots of sidebar gadgets.

6. Now you are ready for the brand new template. Return to Edit HTML, and pick Browse to find the new template for your laptop. When you choose it, click OK, then while again in Blogger, pick out Upload. The new template could be transferred to Blogger.

7. After the refresh, you’ll see a list of widgets on the left in order to be deleted, which include ‘html1’ and ‘blog1’. If you proceed from here, you will probably get the infamous ‘Bk-#’ error display with an mistakes code. You must first debug the brand new template.

Eight. Use ‘Ctrl-F’ to Find, and search for ‘widget identification’.

Nine. When you locate one, click Close, then edit the resulting widget’s call that you see via incrementing the number, consisting of ‘html1’ need to be modified to ‘html2’, ‘text1’ will become ‘text2’, and so forth. There can be two or extra of every of these, trade them all. Don’t miss converting ‘blog1’ to ‘blog2’, that is nearly constantly present. Then use Ctrl-F again for the next instance of ‘widget identity’.

10. When you’ve got edited all of them (and be careful to not cycle thru them two times), click Save Template. After the screen refreshes, you’ve got a brand new listing of widgets to be able to be deleted, but now it’s OK, none can be from the new template.

zillah-personal-blog-wordpress-theme-1024x907.jpg (1024×907)

Eleven. Click Confirm and Save. This should paintings without mistakes now, and you could choose both Preview or View Blog and spot the consequences.

12. You can now replica your widgets lower back (one by one) that have been deleted at some point of the importation procedure. Even when you have many, it has to take less than an hour.

Since you have nicely subsidized up the preceding template, if there may be a trouble with the brand new one otherwise you do not adore it, you can trade again to the authentic with the aid of using the upload manner once more, and choose the unique template backup call. You will copy returned the unique widgets once more, but as a minimum, you may not lose something.





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