Mobile Home Park Due Diligence

When you place a mobile home domestic park under contract, you’ll sincerely want to have a stipulation in the agreement, a good way to permit you to verify what the Seller has stated up to now and evaluate the overall feasibility of the acquisition. Due Diligence will examine the challenge’s physical, monetary, demographic, and marketplace feasibility. This period is generally between 30 and 60 days. In conducting your due diligence, you are looking to pick out something that poses a capability issue and which you can exchange or restore. These generally address the cleanliness of the park (junk & trash piled up), mismanagement, loss of rule enforcement, collections, and prices that can be decreased.

Mobile Home Park Due Diligence 1

But extra importantly, you’re seeking out the ones that you may not be able to repair, or so one can be very expensive. These troubles normally address the scale of the lots, reputation, disruptions in the local marketplace, flood plains, drainage problems, terrible configuration of plenty, water, sewer, electric power, and gas line troubles. In engaging in your due diligence, you could call on surveying, accounting, marketing, financing, plumbing, electric, and legal experts.

Ask the Seller to provide you with the subsequent (if relevant):

1. City, County, and State Permits and Licenses

2. Sewer Plant Records and Readings

3. Water Well Tests and Compliance Records

4. Existing Surveys or Environmental Reports

5. Water and different Utility Meter Reading Records and Formulas

6. Property tax payments for the remaining 2-three years

7. Copy of modern-day coverage and binder showing rates and coverages

8. Current staffing list such as function, wages, activity descriptions

9. Any drawings and maps of the park and infrastructure and size of lots

10. Any Contracts as a way to be transferred to the consumer at closing (laundry, trash, smartphone)

11. Signed Rules and Leases for each resident

12. Bank Statements

13. 2-3 years Tax Returns

14. 2-three years of Profit and Loss

15. Certificates of Occupancy

16. List of Capital Expenditures for the last three years

17. Listing of any current park infrastructure issues(water, sewer, gasoline, electric)

18. Rent Roll with unique homesite variety, name of resident, circulate-in date, monthly hire, modern-day balance, additional fees, number of occupants, and a quick history of the resident (accurate resident / horrific resident, special instances, and many others)

19. Names and phone numbers of all contractors used in the last few years – plumbers, electricians, propane, gasoline, roto rooters

As you receive these statistics from the Seller, you will want to assess it with the opposite information you obtain from outdoor assets.

52 Basic areas to cover in the Due Diligence duration now not necessarily in any order:

1. Park Location Issues: Is it close enough to shopping, employment, faculties, and transportation? Will capacity citizens be capable of finding the park?

2. Flood Plain: Is the park placed in a flood simple? If so, while changed into the ultimate time, it has flooded? If the park does flood, are the houses excessive sufficient to stay undamaged? Do the homeowners have flood insurance?

3. In most cases, shopping for a park in a one hundred 500 yr flood region will not return to bite you. However, you should, in reality, recognize the dangers involved. Most of the time, your renters will have to deliver flood insurance, and your lender will require the identical to your buildings and utility connections.

4. Noise Problems: Loud outdoor noise can regularly be a deterrent for living in a cell domestic park. Being located near highways, busy streets, and nearby trains can be very stressful for capable citizens.

5. Find out if the park is required and, if so, that it has a required license. You will need to check that the park complies with the permit. You may have 50 devices, but it is licensed for the most effective 25. The per, you may have potential issues it makes unity or Local authorities. Often,  may issue the permitit’s given with the toe Board of Health. Some towns have legal guidelines that say that if a positive percentage of the houses in a park that has “grandfathered” zoning is destroyed, then the ones plenty will no longer be allowed to be rented again. This can appear from fire, tornado, storm, and many others. Check the neighborhood codes.

6. Review any park inspection reports from the State Board of Health or other City/County inspectors. In a few states, specifically those requiring licenses, the kingdom does an annual inspection and produces a record with notices of violations. It is ideal to have peer-to-peer agreements and ensure they have been corrected.

7. If you’re considering hiring modern management, you could need to have buddies or pals make some calls to the property and see how the administration handles the calls. Also, suppose you visit the supervisor’s home, and it isn’t stored up exactly and at the end of hard and fast policies for themselves. In that case, they are illustratiothatch you have to search for different controls.

8. After you have the park under contract and usually after you have got the proprietor’s permission, it is simply an awesome concept to interview some of the cutting-edge park citizens. They are commonly complete with information regarding how the park is truely operating. You will often pay attention tto water, sewer, and other commonplace issues by talking to the citizens.

9. The neighborhood cell and domestic dealers are another desirable record supply. They usually realize approximately the maximum of the parks. They might provide you with statistics on the park’s recognition, whether or not they’ve within the beyond and could inside the destiny refer the park to ability citizens, and so on. You may find out if they have change-ins or different reasonably priced homes on the market.

10. If feasible, you may need to go to the park at diverse times, morning, midday, and after dark; as you can see, the garden is far away. It is also beneficial to peer the park at some point during the week and on the weekends. This will better indicate parking, occupancy, lighting, and noise degree.

11. The neighborhood Chamber of Commerce is likewise a wealth of facts. They can come up with statistics on populace developments, new and modern-day employers, ability plant shutdowns, as well as the overall market situations of a place.

12. Local Real Estate Brokers can also offer a wealth of statistics on the vicinity, marketplace, and real estate outlooks.

13. Good faculty districts are regularly an amazing location for personal parks. Often, these districts are in wealthy areas of the town, and much less prosperous humans constantly seek out low-priced housing to allow their youngsters to be in those appropriate faculty districts.

14. Contact the Property Tax Office to test tax prices and whether taxes are contemporary. Learn their assessment methods so you can estimate how much you’ll be paying in taxes if you buy the park.

15. Verify the rent rolls and copies of receipts to affirm that the amount truely accrued is being reflected efficaciously. Often, park proprietors neglect to tell you they supply a few human beings discounts (seniors, buddies, relatives, and so forth).

16. For coverage functions, verify the pet restrictions and enforcement. Most insurance providers do not allow risky breeds of dogs or even dogs over 20 – 30 pounds.

17. Water Lines: What are they made of? Are there symptoms of water leaks? Is the water stress-suited? You will often have some areas of the park where the water strain is a lot lower than the rest.

You can evaluate payments from the software agencies from the same month over a couple of years to find any foremost issues/leaks.

18. Sewer Lines: Generally, you may have problems with older sewer lines: clay pipe and skinny-walled plastic pipes. Clay pipes will allow big tree roots to develop inner to inflict backups. In addition, clay & thin walled sewer pipes will generally tend to collapse and then plug up. You may be able to have a digicam check out the lines and have them professionally blown out with excessive-pace water jets as periodic upkeep.

19. With an electric provider, you will want to check whether the electrical is above ground or beneath a floor. If above, you may usually be liable for the primary electric-powered poles, so check them to see if they’re rotting near a ground stage. These may be quite high-priced to update. Another electric-powered trouble capability is that most houses now require 100 to two hundred amp providers. Many older parks have an electric carrier with a 30-50 amps provider. This will commonly require an improvement so that it will generally value $500-$800 in elements and exertions to upgrade.

20. Gas provider. If you are responsible for the fuel meters and contours, you may need to have the system stress examined, as a small gasoline leak can cause your carrier to shut down until it is placed and repaired. It is likewise an amazing idea to do this on a chronic foundation to avoid capability issues.

21. Fire Hydrants are positioned nearby. A question your coverage enterprise is positive to invite.

22. Trees: In many instances, you may see a park complete with huge beautiful timber that can appear actually high-quality. However, these trees will certainly fee you down the street. It would help if you kept trimming them, eliminating antique and useless timber, cleaning up the leaves every year, and building sewer lines that end up full of tree roots.

Falling branches are often one of the most likely coverage claims.

23. Roads: Are the roads inappropriate for restoration? Do they want to be resurfaced? Are they huge enough? Are there speed bumps, and so on? Roads that are not maintained are often one of the most sizable complaints you will get from your citizens.

24. Drainage Problems: Realizing how a cellular domestic park drains after heavy or sustained rains is advisable. Even if the park is not in a flood quarter, it may have horrible trouble with standing water and puddles. Getting rid of the extra water can be high-priced and hard.

25. Sewer Plants: While a cellular home park has an actual sewer device, lagoon, or is on septics, that is, every other region, you must find out as much as viable. It would help if you recognized how the machine operates, whether it’s miles assembly, the EPA pointers, what it prices to run, what upgrades have been made, and whether or not it is jogging at complete ability. Do you want a licensed operator? How many hookups it’s far approved for, etc.?

26. Lift Stations: Are they good enough? Do they have caution lighting? Are there backup pumps?

27. Walk property during the day and at night. You will uncover many issues, including smells, canine barking, events, hidden trash & junk, water leaks, sewage puddles, antique electrical containers

28. Water Wells: what sort of gadget, how deep are the wells, water stress, any previous violations or issues, backup structures, what does it cost to perform, if the proprietor is the Licensed operator is their operators within the area which are available and affordable to function, are you able to send your supervisor to lessons to gain the operators allow/license. How many spaces is it certified for?

29. Who will pay what? Utilities, Cable, Mowing, and so forth: discover all the hidden expenses that the proprietor takes care of affordably (does he haul the trash to the sell-off?). If the garbage isn’t being hauled off, what are the citizens doing with it?

30. History of Rent Increases: Have the rents been elevated daily?

31. Count the plenty – a few may be combined, and many parks have bizarre numbering schemes.

32. Late Fees: Look at the bank deposits and compare them with the rent roll. When are the rents coming in? Are late expenses being charged?

33. Security Deposits: Get a certified listing of Security Deposits from the proprietor. If, afterward, someone claims to have a deposit that isn’t on that list, you have it in writing from the proprietor.

34. Check the leases: Is there any extraordinary language within the leases? Are they month to month? Are there long-term leases that make elevating rents or submeter water difficult?

35. Hazardous Materials: Don’t even recollect shopping for a park without having a Phase 1 environmental look at it. Suppose there are underground garage tanks, above-ground garage tanks, chemical drums, buried waste, lagoons, stained soil, fuel pumps, vehicle repair shops, electrical transformers, asbestos in construction, and many others. In that case, you will be prone to American Gov’t for hundreds of thousands in cleanup prices.

36. When looking at a park, look at whatever doesn’t seem right. Are there easements that don’t make an experience, are there oil wells on the belongings, and many others?

37. It is helpful to achieve a present-day or current park survey. You need to make sure you are shopping for what you suspect you are buying. Are a number of your cell houses over the property line? Are there fences or sheds over the property traces? With a brand new owner, the adjoining land proprietors may use this time to implement some of those problems. Check the prison description with the survey and your agreement and assurance deed.

38. Seller says the property can be increased. Make sure the modern zoning will permit the proposed enlargement. Also, ensure it’s miles possible: Where can you tap into the water, sewer, and other utilities? Do the current water wells and sewer plants have the capability to carry extra houses? What are the impact fees? What are the possible expenses to increase?

39. Lot Sizes: One of the most important issues with older mobile home parks is they were built for 10-14′ x 50-60′ homes. As most of the more recent houses are sixteen’ x eighty’ and up, this could be a problem when changing places or filling vacant plenty. In addition, a few cities/counties require homes to be a certain age. Thus, shifting an older 12′ x 50′ domestic into your park might not be a choice.

40. Vacant websites. There are 50 websites and ten vacant. Are those ten websites ready and capable of taking new houses? Are the water and sewer lines marked? Is there gas and electric power? Does the electrical need to be upgraded earlier than accepting a new domestic? What are the setback requirements? What age of homes can be moved into the park? Is there plenty in such an arrangement that a domestic can surely be located into every lot without transferring other homes around?

41. Are the present-day units tied down? Many older parks have gadgets that might be in there and have never been established properly, such as being tied down consistent with code, if even at all. I even have experienced this two times in the past. Once, a twister hit one of my parks (actually, two parks after every different). All in all, we lost over forty houses out of 100, and the houses that had been truely tied down and set up effectively had been a lot less damaged than the ones that were no longer. Another time, we had excessive winds in one of my parks, and a pair of houses blew over as they had not been tied down. 42. Street Lights: Drive via at night. Who is responsible for the street lighting fixtures? Who will change the bulbs? If a mild goes out, who will fix it?

43. If possible, get a plat map. If one isn’t to be had, ask the owner to attract one to the first-class of his know-how and find any cleanouts, shutoffs, etc. This is crucial in case of line breaks and emergencies in the future. The Seller might not be around to help.

44. Does the park have a good enough device to perform? If the modern-day owner has a pickup, tractor, or mower, ensure to negotiate for this as it will be available in the future, and you do not need to start shopping for all of this the month you are taking over. It is a good idea to get a listing of all the elements and equipment presently being used to operate the park and have it blanketed in the acquisition.

45. Market Survey: Find out what different parks are charging and what they consist of, discover their vacancies, flow in incentives, reputations, etc. Compare the expenses of renting unmarried own-family residences(SFRs), Apartments, and Duplexes with the fee of purchasing a cell home and paying a lot lease. What does an SFR of similar size sell for in the location? What are the payments on shopping for an SFR sho, paying for an MH, and paying a lot lease? Also, find out what other park regulations can be for the age and style of homes. It may be that your park will fill the area of interest of getting the best modern homes or the older ones.

46. Visit the making plans branch to see if any new parks can be built and the area of any vacant land zoned for cell domestic parks improvement.

47. If you’re going to buy the park and, inside the method, purchase houses to hire or sell, you would possibly want a few teaser commercials inside the neighborhood newspapers to peer what form of response you get. If you do not get any calls, it can indicate the marketplace and the feasibility of filling the park up.

48. Find out the eviction legal guidelines. What is involved: time frame, paperwork required, and so forth. Also, test with different park proprietors/managers in the vicinity to determine their enjoyment.

49. Zoning: Can houses be placed anywhere in the county, creating competition? What age should a home be moved right into a county, and what are the other restrictions on homes being moved in, bought, and many others?

50. Also, if a city has prolonged or extended utilities for your vicinity, are you required to hook on, and if so, at what value?

51. Contact the local corporations as they may be a great source of facts: police, planning, engineering, software, and constructing departments.

52. Removing abandoned homes – consider making vendors pay for this – at the least, find out what it will value and what options you need to eliminate the deserted houses.

53. If the park you are buying has condo units or hire-to-personal devices, make each attempt to test those out. You will not most effectively see how the citizens look after the gadgets, but you’ll also get a demonstration of how the modern owner runs his commercial enterprise. If you locate holes or tender spots in the ground or walls, terrible carpeting jobs, and such, this could illustrate that the proprietor is doing brief fixes at the homes and in the park preservation.



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