Mobile Smart Phone, Which One Should I Choose?

I have been studying a variety of threads approximately mobile telephones on one-of-a-kind boards and web sites. Most of the threads are proceedings approximately the selection of cellphone that the thread author chose. To solution these complaints, I can sum it up in a single word, ‘Requirements’. As a Technology Business Analyst, each time I am asked to enhance or enhance a method or function of a software package deal, the first issue I do is accumulate necessities. Requirements are vital to translate what the purchaser or client thinks they want into what they really want. This technique can also be used in non-public selections inclusive of era choices including determining which mobile phone smartphone will first-class in shape your desires. To make clear how this manner works, I will use my own cellular telephone choice as an example. Smart Phone

The first thing you need to do is ‘manipulate the Wow issue’. It’s smooth to make a terrible decision in case you supply into the cool features of a brand new product, a number of which you could by no means use, even as giving up capabilities you really want and would use every day. You need to hesitate lengthy sufficient to don’t forget your necessities. The excellent manner to do this is to list your requirements in a spreadsheet. This is your very first step inside the procedure.

The first aspect I did before selecting a cellphone to become to list my requirements. In my case, the first requirement changed into choosing the provider with the great connection power at each my residence and my paintings region. Not best will this choice assist to narrow down your picks of phones because now not all phones are to be had in any respect vendors, however, it’s also one of the most crucial necessities because what use is a groovy smartphone if you can not make a name or receive a name consistently. Depending on in which you live, you can simplest have one choice of a provider or you could have many alternatives. So your first requirement, list all of the companies that offer most excellent carrier in your vicinity. Now you’ve got a subset of to be had phones to compare in your requirements.

Next, begin constructing your particular cellphone necessities. Be as specific as feasible. General or ambiguous requirements are taken into consideration to be no longer legitimate due to the fact they do not offer you with unique sufficient statistics to fulfill the requirement. An instance of this would be a requirement along with ‘the cellphone need to be easy to use’. This isn’t a legitimate requirement because ‘smooth to apply’ can be imply some thing exclusive for specific customers. So, be particular. Here turned into my list of necessities.

1: Seamless integration with Microsoft Office merchandise that I use on my laptop/desktop. What this indicates is that I should be capable of reproduction an Excel or Word file to my smartphone with out conversion and be able to no longer best study it, but edit it. Since I use Microsoft products in my paintings daily, this requirement could be very important in order that I do now not have to lug my computer to each assembly. I can use my smart smartphone to carry up statistics for the assembly or even update files and take notes (the use of Microsoft OneNote) at some point of the assembly.

2: Seamless integration with my email money owed and the potential to ship and acquire textual content messages. Mobile

3: The telephone have to have built-in WiFi in order that an outside card does no longer need to be inserted changing the inner reminiscence card.

4: The ability to use my telephone as a network get admission to factor so I can connect to my work folders the usage of my laptop even if I am out of range of my work or domestic wi-fi access factors.

5: The capacity to continue to apply the software I even have bought from preceding phones.

6: The capacity to keep my media (photos, films, music, and many others.) on a reminiscence card and get admission to them the use of the on-board software as if they have been saved within the integrated reminiscence. This is important given that we adore to take a number of pics and by using having them at the telephone eliminates the need to maintain images in my pockets.

7: Touch display screen is premiere because I have usually had hassle the usage of the small keys on a telephone keyboard, even the slide-out range.

Eight: Qwerty keyboard is most well known. I even have never been true at using a general phone keyboard which requires urgent one key a couple of instances depending on the character you’re typing.

Nine: Bluetooth built-in. This is leading to the usage of stressed out earphones for listening to track and making/answering calls.

All of the functions I ignored in my necessities are icing on the cake and not considered simply necessities. The next step is to prioritize your necessities by using aligning them so as with your maximum essential requirement first, next critical requirement 2d, etc. In my case, I determined that I automatically indexed my requirements by way of precedence, so I could skip this step.

Now that I have my requirements, I listed all of the telephones that have been available at the provider’s I listed in the first step wherein I indexed the vendors with the great carrier in my location. Once you’ve got your listing of telephones, start disposing of those that do not meet your first three to 5 necessities. If you find that this step gets rid of all the telephones, you could revisit your requirements as they are past contemporary technical standards. For example, if you have a requirement that states ‘the telephone ought to be able to deliver me to work right away’, your necessities are a little far out for the cutting-edge state of the era. You might also want to keep this requirement in a separate listing called ‘future requirements’ or ‘first-rate to haves, however now not required’.

Once you have eliminated the phones that do not meet your pinnacle necessities, you need to have a subset that you could now look at extra intently to look which one meets the maximum of your necessities. In many instances, you’ll not discover one that meets all your necessities, so that you want to discover the only that meets more of them than any other telephone. In my case, the HTC HD2 met all of my necessities as seen underneath.

1: Requirement met due to the Windows mobile phone running machine on the smartphone with integrated Office Mobile.

2: Requirement met. It lets in electronic mail account to be setup out of the box and handles textual content messages using either the HTC Sense device or Microsoft texting device.

Three: Requirement met because it has integrated WiFi.

Four: Requirement met with an add-on software that is furnished loose by using a 3rd birthday party developer for the Windows Mobile working gadget.

5: Requirement met seeing that my previous 3 telephones had been also Microsoft Mobile phones.telephone

6: Requirement met for the reason that phone got here with a 16Gb reminiscence card and the capability to factor my media programs to keep and examine media at the reminiscence card through default.

7: Requirement met because it has a multi-touch screen.

8: Requirement met since it has an on-screen Qwerty keyboard with larger keys than my previous telephone’s slide-out keyboard.

Nine: Requirement met since it has integrated Bluetooth.




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