Turkish blogger explores Ottoman legacy in Indonesia

A Turkish blogger was amazed to see the passion with which local humans embrace almost five centuries of brotherly ties between Turkey and Aceh, Indonesia’s westernmost province. Elif Kübra Genç said she changed into flattered with the aid of the appreciation expressed by the Acehnese for her ancestors, who set foot in the land 480 years in the past. I’m very proud that our ancestors are nevertheless respected here,” the 29-year-vintage girl instructed Anadolu Agency (AA) within the town of Banda Aceh on Tuesday after a celebration to commemorate 480 years of brotherhood with Turkey, which returned to the Ottoman era. During the party, Genç becomes welcomed by using neighborhood officers and citizens who surround her, soliciting snapshots.

Turkish blogger explores Ottoman legacy in Indonesia 1

“I’m satisfied to be here,” she said. Her visit to Aceh is part of the “Sun from Turkey” application initiated using the Indonesian Student Association in Turkey to forge closer ties between the two countries. On social media, Genç stated for the duration of her ride, she loved strolling around the seaside and mixing in with the locals. The snapshots she published on Instagram portrayed the uncooked splendor of nature Aceh is blessed with. “Just happy, #indonesia #aceh,” said the caption of a selfie she posted with the Lampujang coastline within the background. Her posts garnered international attention, together with her fans expressing admiration for the stunning sights. “You’re fortunate to be in heaven now, wish you experience it,” she quoted one of the feedback written on her publishing.

As an influencer who promotes tourism, Genç said she became satisfied with asking the Turkish and international networks to go to Aceh. “I’m very pleased to introduce Aceh to the arena as it has quite a few natural, historical, and cultural destinations,” she said. “One day, I will come here once more like a manual,” she said. Genç flew to the archipelago with fellow Turkish social media influencer Edanur Yıldız. “Being able to come to Aceh is a dream come true. I am happy to be right here,” said Yıldız. The 21-yr-vintage scholar has been actively promoting the way of life and lifestyle of Indonesians, specifically those in Aceh.

She expressed her interest in writing about Indonesia as the most important Muslim US in the world, adding that Aceh has ample treasures from the records of its relationship with the Ottoman Empire. I sell Aceh and Indonesia through Instagram and Twitter,” stated Yıldız. “The Muslims here stay in an Islamic way. After night prayers, I saw youngsters reciting the Quran until night time,” said Yıldız, who’s also studying to talk Indonesian. Aminullah Usman, the mayor of Banda Aceh, stated Tuesday that his administration has decided to set up tourism cooperation with the Turkish government. We will build a memorandum of knowledge to bolster collaboration,” Usman advised AA. He said the p.C. It will be finished by 2020, conveying his desire for powerful collaboration. Insha Allah [God willing], we’re geared up to be invited to Ankara to peer President [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan,” he added.


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