While considering to buy a home, it is important to first survey the land and as a homebuyer, it is also important to understand why it is necessary to have an accurate survey. A land survey is a legal documentation displaying precise property boundary lines which show the location of a house and other structures. If you are a first time home buyer and you have no idea how to survey a land, we have got your back. To help you with all that, we enlisted some quick survey tips for first time home buyers below.



You are able to distinguish between where a land starts and where it ends because of boundary lines. Boundary lines are created to ensure that land is clearly defined to each property owner. You need to understand the location of these boundary lines in order to get to know how big the land is. Knowing the boundary of a land is also vital build a fence across the boundary, extend a room or to even add a pool.


The last thing you would want is to have any disputes. Sometimes, you may get into legal trouble even without any fault. To avoid such a circumstance, you must make sure that your land is free from any disputes. Legal disputes not only drain you of energy, but money too. Obtaining a survey is the best way to legally determine whether a fence, shed, driveway or deck is encroaching on your property or whether your property is doing so. Many times, you can come across unnecessary expenses caused due to legal disputes that you do not want to be a part of. If is found, sometimes, that neighbours are operating on mistaken judgments of the placement lines. It is petty things like these which might drag you to the court. To simply prevent such events from occurring, you have to obtain a boundary survey with a trusted surveying company.


You have to identify the regulations on your property before you step forward to purchase it. Make yourself aware of new guidelines and regulations, which may commonly arise without your notice for a neighbourhood which can prevent your ability to build on the property. Failing to do so can cause you unwanted troubles. Building permits are usually issued by local authorities and require the assistance of a land surveyor. It therefore becomes necessary to get the right surveyor involved in the process.


There can be a few rights that allow or restrict the use of another’s property. Define a will that will allow you and a third party to understand the ability to place a path that allows you to travel over a neighbour’s property. While this might sound complicated, you can easily determine these limitations by hiring an experienced surveyor. Hiring a professional surveyor will not only rid you of the complications of fulfilling the needs and demands, but will also leave you rested stress free.



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