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When a computer CNC Machine runs then a certain noise is generated from the high-speed rotating cutter and material contact, every user experiences it and is aware of it. However sometimes the noise can be greater than usual, it is not just harsh but can affect the neighbors as well. It is very normal for a machine to make noise but when there is trouble in a CNC machine the noise is louder than normal. The moment you hear such a noise, you will have to be extra careful. If there is a fault, the CNC machine sends out for the same. As and when there is an abnormal sound, you ought to check if your CNC machine has failed. Try to find the cause of the problem and to deal with it within time, any delay can cause damage to the equipment. The tools in the machine are subjected to wear and tear. It is wise to fix the problem as soon as possible or it shall break the knife.

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Now if you hear the sound is very heavy, the cutting and the screaming is too high during the use, then it is evident that the CNC machine tool is not normal, you should seek the help of CNC machine support provider who will first perform a brief analysis. After the analysis, if you find that the quality problem of the tool itself is eliminated, the tool clamping problem, and the tool parameter problem, it should be judged that the tool is worn out. It is during this time you must replace and suspend the tool. You can judge the wear condition by listening closely to the movement of the machine tool. If the movement of the machine tool produces a lot of vibration during the machining but parameters and the cutting is reasonable then it should be understood that the machine has reached sharp wear and tear state and should be replaced as soon as possible.

However, there are a few reasons for such screaming as well as wear and tear. They are as follows:

The first reason is damage to the X-axis, whenever you find any sort of abnormal noise during an axial walking, you should understand that there is a damage in the x-axis. The motor bearing often gets prone to dust. This when accumulates dust by dust damages the X-axis guide rail. If you want the machine to start working again normally, then try to lubricate the balls that are worn by oil and clean it.

The second reason is damage to spindle bearing, while the machine is running an abnormal noise can be emitted from the spindle bearing. This means that the service life of the spindle bearing has reached its last lap, it can also mean that the quality is degraded after wearing. To cope up to a situation like this, you must replace the bearing.

If you feel clueless and are afraid to work on it on your own then it is sensible to contact a CNC equipment service provider as they will provide you with professional after-sales service and help.


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