The Benefits of Coral Foods

One of the complicated elements of elevating stay corals in a saltwater aquarium is supplying the proper combos of ingredients to hold the polyps alive and healthy. For many coral aquarists, feeding time meant thawing out messy frozen ingredients and keeping a time table of feedings that range from brine shrimp and photo to krill, plus additions of amino and different factors to preserve the corals happy. However, with the arrival of Fauna Marin’s pre-made coral meals in North America, feeding time within the aquarium simply got an entire lot simpler.

Why Feed Specialty Foods to Corals?

Owners of coral colonies have two primary motives to use forte meals in their aquariums: to keep the coral alive and wholesome, and to carry out the excellent colors which can be a lot a part of the first-rate coral colonies. If all is going nicely, the coral may even grow, similarly enhancing the general aquarium setup.

Actual feeding of coral colonies is a two level affair. First, you have to appeal to the attention of the colony enough to get them to open their polyps. Then you need to serve up a meals that continues their hobby lengthy sufficient to get them to devour. Pre-made coral foods, including the ones supplied by using the German-primarily based organisation, Fauna Marin, hand the coral reef aquarist the whole lot she or he needs to keep maximum corals, together with gorgonian and filter out feeding coral, glad over the long time.

How Are these Foods Applied to Corals?

Sometimes, you have to in shape the dimensions of your coral meals to the size of the polyp. With Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Series, feeding a few stony corals with polyps as much as a ¼ inch in diameter, which includes scans, may be as easy as sprinkling the medium-sized pellet throughout the coral. This way, the individual polyps do not have to be target fed, due to the fact the colony is connected together with the aid of manner of pathways and connective tissue, and all polyps in a coral colony enjoy the feed.

In truth, Fauna Marin’s coral meals are rather concentrated, so some colonies can get along with feedings more than one times in keeping with the week. With the extra concentration, the power level produced by using Fauna Marin coral food is tons extra than the identical strength level produced by means of ordinary fish meals. Plus, you do not ought to keep frozen coral food to your freezer anymore, nor do you deal with the mess of frozen food.

Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow and Color is a powdered meals product, which can be reconstituted via mixing some water from the aquarium into the food powder, till it reaches a sticky consistency. There are warnings with Fauna Marin merchandise to not inhale the powder, do now not feed it to other pets or animals meant for human intake, do no longer swallow their products, and avoid contact with Fauna Marin ingredients with the pores and skin or eyes.

What to Look for in a Good Coral Food

First of all, you want to apply meals in your coral reef that your polyps reply to, and correct coral foods along with the ones created by means of Fauna Marin, stimulate the polyps to feed almost right now. The length of the pellet also subjects. Acans and chalice corals have very small mouths, so a medium-sized meal is higher for them than a huge-sized food.

Another aspect of coral ingredients this is really worth thinking about is the softness. Coral polyps are tender-bodied creatures, and you want to purchase meals for them this is gentle and with out sharp edges which could damage the corals. Fauna Marin’s meals become sticky and soft as soon as it reaches the water, so even partly open polyps enjoy the food.

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Also critical is to give your corals a combination of foods and minerals as close to their local environment as viable, and that is in which Fauna Marin excels. This business enterprise mixes together dosages of mineral dietary supplements, organic biopolymers, and hint factors to give the corals what they like first-class. Also included in Fauna Marin coral food are all the carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, fats, antioxidants, Omega-three oils, and marine proteins wished with the aid of a coral reef to keep health and good color. Purchasers of Fauna Marin coral meals merchandise have stated polyps which expand out some distance past their everyday distance after a feeding consultation.




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