The Coolest Android Apps

The Team Android phenomenon is spreading like wildfire. Many human beings are turning to the openness and variety of Android smartphones when deciding on a mobile device. The iPhone boasts the most sturdy choice of apps; however, many builders are now also growing software for Android. With so many cool Android apps to be had, it may be challenging for customers to pick out satisfactory options. There are even apps designed to help you discover other beneficial cellular applications. For the mobile era enthusiasts with restrained time to sort thru the deluge of recent downloads, allow’s test a few top-notch applications for Android phones.

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What is cooler than playing the drums? This cell app lets you simulate the laugh of being a drummer. The user interface is exciting; you control each drum by touching it for your touch screen, and the view is truly similar to what an actual drummer sees simultaneously as playing. For the hobbyist musician, this app doubles as a drum device. You ought to easily pattern the sounds that come from your Android cellphone, even as the usage of DrumKit. If you want to file a drum beat for a tune in a pinch, this software could serve as simply the proper answer.

The Onion News Network Mobile App

Comedy fanatics may additionally already be acquainted with the Onion News Network. This satirical application offers parodies of modern activities in a tv and print news format. The Onion News Network Android app allows you to test out their ultra-modern films and articles at the move. If you are seeking out cellular software for an Android telephone on the way to make you laugh at the same time as you wait between activities in the course of the day, that is a first-rate choice.


Do you ever discover yourself humming a track? However, can’t do forget what its miles? Have you ever heard music over the loudspeaker in a store and questioned the name of it so that you ought to buy it later? SoundHound provides a strategy to those troubles. This brilliant Android app uses a powerful algorithm to companion sounds picked up by your telephone’s microphone with an exhaustive database of songs. In this manner, you could become aware of most songs playing from any stereo machine using SoundHound. Also, you may even hum the track to a tune, and the Android app will regularly be capable of identifying it simply via reading your voice! Big song enthusiasts will love this cellular software that’s available now at the Android Market. With such many cool apps to be had for Android Market smartphones, consumers have quite a few selections. These competitive surroundings mean that superb new packages are popping out each day! Take a study of these alternatives if you need to maintain yourself entertained throughout downtime at some stage in the week.

Gazzmic is a progressive new content material management gadget for bands that completely reinvent the track industry. Gazzmic is currently looking for artists to take part in an invite-handiest closed beta software. Participants could sell their music over a free Android app platform to be available on the iPhone. Musicians can follow for the closed beta via contacting Gazzmic on the corporation’s website. Initially, the Apple Store had the biggest wide variety of apps, and iPhone customers loved a better choice than people who joined Team Android. However, telephones like the Google G2 and the Droid X are gaining popularity, and developers are now producing plenty of apps for the Android Market. Let’s check some of the best Android apps available today.


CamScanner is a brilliant piece of software. This first-rate cell app lets you apply your Android smartphone as a hand scanner. If you are a government that desires to test files at the go, CamScanner gives an awesome and loose solution. It is also brilliant for copying receipts and different important documents to your data. In the past, these documents would pile up in drawers and grow to be tough to locate over time. Paperless workplaces are the future, and CamScanner is supporting delivery companies into the twenty-first century.

The StumbleUpon App

StumbleUpon is a fantastic online provider that enables users to locate interesting hyperlinks from around the World Wide Web. Recently, the company furnished an Android app. You can discover and share thrilling hyperlinks based totally on your personal alternatives. With the StumbleUpon Android app, you don’t need to stop stumbling when you leave domestic. You can continue locating and unfolding hyperlinks in the waiting room on the medical doctor’s office or during a layover at the airport.

Retro Camera

If you’re searching for an Android app that takes high-quality pics, Retro Camera is exactly what you want. This image app transforms your pictures into cultured pics from the beyond. Filters are implemented robotically that supply your photos with a growing old look.



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