There’s A Dry Herb Vaporizer For Everyone

Cannabis and its many properties, from the mind altering effects to the huge range of cannabinoids and terpenes which provide relief from a ton of different symptoms, is becoming more and more accepted in society every day. In quite a few parts of the world, recreational and especially medical use is starting to become a more casual part of life for a huge number of people. If you’ve been smoking all your life and that’s always been good enough for you, maybe you initially shook your head at the thought of sticking your herb in a strange electronic device. It’s true that it seems unnatural, I understand that line of thinking, but if you think about it, if we humans have evolved to the point of developing this technology specifically to consume the cannabis plant in a healthier fashion, then why the hell not? I assure you after reading this brief list of examples, you’ll believe there’s a dry herb vaporizer for everybody out there to enjoy.
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Cloudious 9 Hydrology 9

    First up, the perfect choice for bong lovers. If you think it might be difficult to transition from your intimate relationship with your cherished glass bong, this one is for you. Featuring a sick water chamber inside of a lightsaber looking object, this thing allows you to get some thick but extremely smooth hits of vapor and lets you blow clouds just like you do with your bong. And who says you can’t still treat yourself to the real bong every once in a while?

Flower Pot

    If you’re particularly invested in your personal routines or rituals however you smoke, whether it’s the way you roll or the special technique you have to smoke hash, the Flower pot is a great option and best of all it isn’t only a dry herb vaporizer. It’s quite unique in how it works, but essentially it works similarly to a dab rig. Instead of heating the nail with a torch beforehand, you load a bowl and use a heated e-nail which you set to a specific temperature. Best part is, you can vape a bowl of herb while your concentrate sizzles on top of that.

Magic Flight Launch Box

    Honorable mention to this cute wooden box. The simplicity of how you connect the battery and use direct conduction heat is almost akin to hitting a pipe. The low complexity ensures that it’s ready to go any time anywhere, and it’s pretty damn sturdy for a 120$ vape.