Things to know before hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor

After the kitchen, our bathroom is one of the house’s most commonly remodeled and renovated spaces. Undoubtedly, our bathroom deserves some extra love, and you might also be thinking of a new, beautiful, remodeled bathroom. However, once you have decided, you should know that bathroom remodeling is daunting, and hiring the right contractor is crucial.

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Finding a reliable, reputed, competent bathroom remodeling and renovation contractor can be nerve-racking. If you’re getting ready to start such a project, here’s a quick checklist of what to do. By following some guidelines, you can find the best contractor to do the job and ensure that your project is a pleasant experience from start to finish.

You need to have a proper understanding of both your project and the contractor you’re hiring. Find an accredited and insured contractor with prior experience with your type of project. You may ask for testimonials and work samples. You should know what result you want and make a realistic budget of what you’re prepared to spend.

  • Remember, contractors aren’t always bathroom designers.

This is a common myth. Not all bathroom remodeling contractors are designers, and most will expect you to develop a design plan they can execute. However, some bathroom remodeling contractors provide all services, from the initial design plan and material sourcing to the final nail hammered into the wall. Therefore, it is necessary to know all these things before hiring them.

  • Purchase your Decorations.

While some contractors will source the materials for the remodel, some will recommend stores or brands according to the project. Generally, bathroom remodeling contractors don’t mind if you buy your decoratives, such as towel bars, light fixtures, mirrors, etc. You can save money by purchasing your decorative flourishes, but not necessarily on basic construction materials. Remember that contractors get their commission for every item they buy.

  • It may take longer than expected.

Always remember, no matter what time frame the contractor has promised you, you must be ready for an extended work schedule to finish the project. Bathroom remodeling is a detailed process, and you cannot expect a guarantee of when work will be completed. So, better be prepared for numerous things that could come up in the work process.

  • The lowest bid may not always be the best pick.

After doing your homework regarding how much your remodel project typically costs, seek multiple bids. The estimate should include materials and a price for the estimated labor hours. Although, it is important to note that price should not be your final decision-maker. Also, don’t forget to take everything in writing. The bathroom remodeling is a five steps process, which includes the design stage, the demolition stage, the roughing-in stage, the installation stage, and the final stage. In the first design stage, the project plan is laid down, which includes bathroom remodel design. Next, demolition will take place in the demolition stage depending on the remodeling level. In the third, the roughing-in stage, the plumbers and electricians will “rough-in” their work. After this, a shower/bath/sink/toilet is installed in the fourth stage. Finally, in the last, walls are closed and painted, bathroom flooring is laid, and bathroom cabinets are put in. The process may look daunting, but the right bathroom remodeling and renovation contractor can help make your remodeling experience positive and ensure that you love your new bathroom.


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