Top Features Of An Armored Car

While possessing a car has become a necessity for our daily lives, not all cars provide us with security and protection. For people like celebrities, politicians, government officials, the secret service, and military officials, the safety standards don’t suffice. In this scenario, the armored car serves as a boon to maintaining a safe environment. These vehicles have specialized features of withstanding bullets, explosives, and any intemperate outside threats and ensure the safety of the passengers in every measure.

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Armored vehicles come in a range of shapes and designs but retain some rudimentary qualities that are to be found in the cars under this category. In the first place, armored cars are symbolized by their extreme durability that would be unfaltering in the face of any dangers or potential threats. They should also be preserving a certain level of discretion to blend in with the crowd and not give away their passengers’ identity to any nefarious sources. Because of their predominating purpose, armored vehicles prerequisite a design that is conscientious of the safety and security of its passengers and must provide adequate protection against all cases of potential menace. Armored vehicles are also emblematic of a sleek and innovative style of structure and comfort, both in the interiors and interiors.

Thereby, undercover armored cars encapsulate optimal levels of practicality, security, and safety. However, what truly distinguishes armored vehicles from civilian modes of transport is their avant-garde technology. They have manifold features evolved from the ones to be found in standard civilian cars and often furnish functions that are infallible against circumstances of danger to make sure that their passengers are safeguarded against all peril. Enumerated below are some of the most striking features of armored vehicles that will facilitate your understanding of these types of cars.

They Are Bulletproof

As a general rule of thumb, all armored vehicles are bulletproof. This is because they are structured in such a way that they can refrain from the shots fired by most kinds of handguns and rifles. Some high-quality armored vehicles are also resistant to bomb attacks. This makes them resilient against the threats of robbery and hijacking. The base materials of ballistic steel, alongside polyester and ceramide laminates, are the reasons that make up for this feature of chassis. The windows of an armored car are made up of bulletproof glass that comprises alternating hard and soft layers of glass that is usually constituted of acrylic, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and fiberglass.

Electric Shock

A few armored cars are equipped with the feature of a preinstalled electric shock system in the door handles. Upon touching these, the vehicle would generate a surge of electricity to the hand, which could incapacitate a person trying to pry their way in due to any illicit intentions.

Deadbolt Locking System

Armored cars also boast of a provision that allows them to be fitted with deadbolts and electronic lock systems for the entryways to the car so that it cannot be accessed by any exterior threats trying to get in. They cannot be picked. They are anti-drill and can easily resist almost all kinds of lock picking tools.

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