What Is the Facebook Wall and the News Feed?

The wall is, without a doubt, wherein you write or add content material on your friends to look. The wall is located beneath the profile tab at the pinnacle right of the screen. Clicking the profile tab will, via default, take you to the data page. From the info page, you change to the wall by clicking the wall button found on the left of your display, proper underneath your profile image. You may find four buttons at the top of the wall: popularity, photo, link, and video. Clicking the reputation button opens a dialog that allows you to write down a no longer on your buddies. The photo button provides pix.

The link button adds hyperlinks to other websites you need to proportion. The video button provides films you’ve got created or stored on your laptop. When you click on either the photograph, link, or video button, you’ll have the option of adding a message to send alongside the photograph, hyperlink, or video. The News Feed is where you go to study content material out of your Friends. The News Feed is determined beneath the Home tab at the top right of the screen. It’s the primary web page you see when you go browsing to Facebook. It’s a real-time replacement of what all of your friends are presently posting. The contents of the News Feed page aren’t shared. If you want to percentage unique content material, you ought to click on the percentage button – when you proportion this content, it will display up for your Wall in which all of your friends can see it.

When you upload some content material to your wall, it’ll show up on your Friends News Feed.

What happens to the content material you Like, Comment, Share, or Tag?

If you find a Facebook page you like and click on the like button, this will connect you to that web page, and content material from that page will show up on your news feed. You can like precise content material in your information feed and provide remarks to the individual that posted it by way of clicking the like button below the content material. Comments are similar to Likes; however, whilst you touch upon some content, the complete internet can see your comment, no longer just the person that published the content.

Content that you share or tag will display up on your wall because you have brought content. The shared content will display up on all of your friend’s news feeds. Content tagged for precise buddies will show up in your pals’ wall, so your pals and all in their friends will see the tagged content material. If you do not know the individual you’re tagging, it might be a great idea to invite their permission first.

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