5 Easy Ways in Which One Can Effectively Boost Their Personal Loan Eligibility

A personal loan can be beneficial for someone who needs urgent financial help. Since it’s a personal loan, a borrower can use the loan amount for any of their expenses. Now, applicants are often worried about the lender’s loan eligibility criteria. While lenders have set standards for those applying for personal loans, there are simple ways to boost their eligibility for a personal loan effectively.

Personal Loan Eligibility

Here are five simple ways in which one can improve their loan eligibility:

1. Choose a long repayment tenure

A short repayment tenure would mean higher EMI payments. Some borrowers prefer this as they can repay the loan faster. However, choosing a short repayment tenure is better if the goal is to improve personal loan eligibility. This is because selecting a temporary assignment mellower EMI payments boosts the borrower’s repayment capacity. This reduces the lender’s risk and, as a result, improves the borrower’s eligibility.

2. Maintain a high credit score

Financial experts stress the importance of a good credit score and with good reason. Financial institutions always consider an applicant’s credit score before approving their application. Lenders offer the best deals to borrowers who have decent credit records. This can include the borrower being offered a higher loan amount or a lower personal loan interest rate.

3. Declare all additional sources of income

Financial institutions always look at an applicant’s repayment capacity before loaning. This is why declaring other income sources can help improve their eligibility for a personal loan. Lenders can find it easier to trust a borrower to repay a loan on time when they have multiple sources of income.

4. Avoid applying for other loans simultaneously

It is never a good idea to apply for several loans simultaneously. Financial institutions make a hard inquiry with a credit bureau whenever an individual applies for a loan. This is done to understand the applicant’s loan default risk. Too many hard questions can make a borrower look credit-hungry, which is unsuitable for a lender. So, it is better not to apply for multiple loans and not dampen the chances of a personal loan application getting approved.

5. Lower the debt-to-income ratio

Before applying for a personal loan, a borrower should always ensure a low debt-to-income balance. This means that most of their monthly income should not be used to clear existing debt such as previous loan EMIs or credit card bills. Having a low debt-to-income ratio can improve a borrower’s loan eligibility.

So, these are a few tips that can help improve a borrower’s eligibility for a personal loan. Please review them before applying for a loan to improve your chances of loan approval.


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