What is an eBook and how to download it?

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An electronic book or eBook is a book publication that is available in digital form. This electronic book is just the same as a normal book which consists of text, images, and drawings in it, the only difference between a normal book and an electronic book is that the electronic book is available in digital form. We can also say that it is an electronic version of a printed book. These books are generally read on mobile phones, computers, tablets, laptops, etc.

The main reason why people increase e-book reading these days is the price of an e-Book is low as compared to the normal group and it also increases the customer’s comfort because a customer can buy den from home with the help of devices like a mobile phone. There is a huge variety of eBooks available on the phone, you can get many different books from different writers and you can select them according to the genres.


Features of an eBook

There are many websites like available on the internet which provides us with many different electronic books when there are so many options it is very hard to selectan ono book from all of them. A lot of question arises in the minds of reader that on what basis they should select a book? So, here are some features that you can consider before selecting a book.

  • Electronic book includes the complete text and print of the textbook along with the figures and design.
  • Electronic books are easy to access as compared to normal books because they are available on the internet.
  • It is very easy to room in and zoom out in the electronic book.
  • it is easy to navigate a specific page number by typing the page number in a text box. It is also very easy to Mark words.
  • There are so many interesting bookmarks available for electronic books.
  • It is easy to translate the language of a book into your native language with the help of a translation option.
  • In electronic books, there are links and by clicking on those links a media will open such as videos and pictures that are relatable.
  • Electronic books also have a toolbar.

Now, we are aware of the eBookssome sites provide us with illegal electronic books who steal the books from the original sites. There are many websites like illegal. There are many advantages and disadvantages of such let’s look at them in brief-


  • Electronic books are comparatively affordable and whenever other updates any part of the book then the electronic books are automatically updated because of their electronic documents. And the update about the new books and their release is updated on the websites.
  • The electronic books contain not only text and images but they also provide you link in these books to watch the videos and relatable information as well. These days the audio version of these books are also available for the people who don’t like to read much, these books are available in the form of PDF and it is very easy to download them.
  • no shipping charge for an extra cost is required when you are buying a book online you can simply download this box from the internet and there is no need to ship any physical product from one place to another.
  • Just by one click, it is easy to search so many books and you don’t have to go to different stores in search of them.


  • As compared to the hard copy these books are not very convenient to read because for reading them you have to sit continuously in front of a computer screen which can harm your eyes. Sitting for a long period can also cause muscle pain and it can even elevate the cholesterol level of a person.
  • After downloading a book, if you want to print it than the cost of the printout will be more than the original price of the book. there is also a chance that one should download that book and pay for it might get deleted from your phone by a mistake and then all your money will be wasted.
  • There is one more disadvantage for the writers that once the person will download their book they can’t send the PDF to many other peoples and then they will not buy your books by which you can face a huge loss.

So, these were the advantages and disadvantages of an electronic book now let’s see how to find any book, as mentioned above there are so many websites like Redditfrom where you can read all these books but how to find this website?

How to find and eBook

Are you looking for an interesting book and having trouble to find it? Then the solution for you all you have to do is to open your internet and search the websites related to the books and you will be able to access them and download them very easily. Here are some places where you can find electronic books.

  1. Google ebook store
  2. Open library
  3. Feed books
  4. Pdf book world

These are some famous websites from where you can search about all, these books but there is one more popular website which is let’s look at it what this website is all about.


This is one of the best websites around the world which allows the user to download their favourite electronic books for free. There is a huge collection of different books on this website and there are millions of users who have already downloaded many books from this website. There is a numerous collection of databases and there are millions of electronic books of very famous writers, this website has made it very easy for a person to download the books by down.

There is a huge risk of downloading these books by the unauthorised websites but this website is safe and amazing and if you are looking to download an electron in books you must check this website once.


This is all about the electronic books and their websites, electronic books are way more convenient as compared to the hard copy of normal books. For reading them all you have to do is to search the website and then download them, you can also read them without downloading on the website and the cost of these books is very low.