Why Blogger Is a Great Blogging Platform for Beginners

When creating a new weblog, you have many alternatives to pick from when deciding to run a blog platform. Each platform has capabilities that benefit all bloggers, but Blogger is the way to go for a newbie. You may be questioning why Blogger is a pleasant blogging platform for novices. There are many reasons. However, the following are the primary capabilities of Blogger by using Google that make it excellent for starting bloggers.

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Ease of Use

If you’re new to running a blog, you need to find a platform to assist you in being innovative while not having to examine quite a few codes and spend a maximum of it slowly trying to figure out how things work. Blogger offers an outstanding platform for beginners; however, it has enough alternatives to make it perfect for experienced bloggers.


Many bloggers need to monetize their blogs to earn via advert sales and affiliates. Blogger features a clean monetization tab that helps you to combine Google AdSense and Amazon affiliates packages. There also are clean-to-apply HTML widgets that you could use to consist of other sorts of commercials and affiliates.

Unique Designs

There are hundreds of thousands of templates for the Blogger platform to have online. This helps you to without difficulty create a unique search for your weblog. Download a layout template from any web page that capabilities lose blogger templates and upload it using the smooth-to-manipulate dashboard in Blogger to match your weblog layout. You are imagination and prescient of what you want your weblog to be.

URL Freedom

With Blogger, you could pick to apply a ‘dot blog spot URL free of charge, purchase a website called the Blogger website, or use a website called your already personal. This lets you start with a free URL until you discover how your blog goes to do or whether or not it is a blog you will hold before you purchase a domain name for it. After that, changing your URL is straightforward as properly via the settings options on Blogger.


Blogger offers widgets, from a sidebar calendar to information feeds and social network links. These widgets are clean to use and get admission from the Blogger dashboard below the layout tab. Blogging is amusing and regularly worthwhile for lots of human beings. Still, when you are a beginning blogger, you want to pick out a blogging platform to come up with a hazard to find out how all of the blog features work together to create a finished product so that it will appeal to readers. Blogger is an excellent platform, and you may discover that the easy linking of all your Google bills helps you create a solid Internet presence.

Lisa Mason is a freelance creator with uniqueness in Internet content, search engine optimization articles, and How to Earn a Living Writing for the Internet. As an expert author, she has written hundreds of articles, ebooks, and many website pages and associated content for over ten years. If you are acquainted with Blogger, you may know that adding AdSense into your weblog posts using the pre-built AdSense system is limiting. You do not have much control over the layout or positioning of the code and might simplest position it within the sidebar of your template or among each blog put up.

It certainly isn’t as customizable as WordPress templates are when it comes to monetizing your website online; however, if you are not scared to play around with a chunk of code, adding AdSense without delay into your blog posts is truely quite simple, so allow get started. I expect you already have an AdSense account you will want to sign up with Google and observe). Suppose you do, log in and take hold of the scale and color you need. I propose mixing your adverts in with the same color as your template. A precise size is a medium rectangle unit, which I’ve constantly got pretty top click-on ratios on.

Paste it into Notepad for now, as you may want to edit it a bit earlier than you placed it into your Blogger template so it shows efficaciously. You’ll want to ‘parse’ the code before you can position it into your template. That method replaces the > and. When you locate it, paste your AdSense code without delay above that line. That will region the code on the pinnacle of every blog post. If you want the commercials to wrap across the page’s textual content, upload the div drift: proper code or glide: left relying upon the facet you need it on around your AdSense code. Don’t overlook closing the div at the top of the AdSense code.



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